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Plus-sized Fashion: The Shape/Silhouette

So today I’m going to be telling you about ‘silhouettes,’ which is the general shape of your body. There are of course various different types and kinds of clothes,
But, the silhouette or shape of your body can unconsciously influence whether or not you look good or bad in what you wear.

“So what about silhouettes for plus-sized people?” some of you may be wondering.
Whether or not your silhouette looks thin or wide/fat is an important element in looking stylish.
Because plus-sized body shape is larger, it’s best for plus-sized people to pay attention to their silhouette.
So within the framework of men’s fashion, you can divide silhouettes into 5 broad categories.

So I’ll explain them one by one.

1 So this is what we refer to as the retro otaku/geek fashion silhouette. When a plus-sized person has this kind of silhouette, the clothes give off this laid back grandpa kind of look. Be careful of that.

2 This is the basic suit silhouette. This angular and formal silhouette has the effect of hiding the roundness of a plus-sized person’s body

3 This silhouette is one where the upper half of your body is smaller and the lower half is larger. Depending on the perspective of the silhouette it can appear quite stylish.

4 This silhouette makes the upper half of your body wider while the lower half complements that. Depending on the amount of volume you have on the upper half with your clothes, it has the effect of making your face look smaller.

5 This silhouette is one where the upper half of your body is smaller and the lower half is larger (Short pants version). Depending on if you wear short pants with a lot of volume it has the effect of making your feet look smaller and making your legs look less short.

If you keep these facts in mind when you coordinate it can be really beneficial, so store this in a corner of your brain for later.

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