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Plus-sized Fashion: The “A Line”

One of the tips that you often hear in fashion is “Be aware of the A-Line”

What A-Line means is: When you wear clothes, coordinate them so that the silhouette of your body is shaped like an A.

Why try to make your shape into the silhouette of an A, you might ask? When you dress to match this A-silhouette, it gives off a perspective look. When you look up at a tall building, the top of the building looks thin and small as does the bottom of the building. In this way, when you have a thin upper body and a thicker or larger lower body, you can coordinate clothes and make you appear more balanced.

What do you think? Doesn’t it look like the clothes match up and fit really well?

…. Honestly, there aren’t many clothes in plus-sized fashion men’s case that can fit perfectly.

So, what should you do, you ask? It’s really not that difficult. All you need to do is to be conscious of this A-line rule. 

So, what do you think? It looks like something pretty close to rapper or hip-hop fashion, doesn’t it? It’s a style born in America, where plus-sized fashion was born pretty much, so it works out pretty well.

The good points about this fashion are:

・The legs aren’t too pinched or rigid

・Clothing looks natural when worn

・Doesn’t make you sweaty

・Doesn’t look gloomy

・Looks tasteful

And other points as well.
Also, there are also bottoms besides jeans that can give a sense of stability to your look as well (depending on how big they make you look), so keep this in mind when you coordinate your clothes.

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