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Things you should know to start off

So now that I’m going to start explaining tops about how to appear stylish, there’s a few basic terms that I want you to take care to remember.  If you’re already familiar with these terms just feel free to skim through them.





You see these terms a lot on fashion retail websites and magazines. Their meanings are as follows.

Outerwear … Clothes that you wear on your torso when you go outside. Jumpers, coats, you can also think of winter clothes in this categories.

Tops – These are just typical clothes you wear on your torso. (Excluding outerwear) a general term for clothes you wear on the upper half of your body.

Innerwear ….. A general term for clothes you wear on top of your skin. Underclothes, underwear, t-shirts, etc.

Bottoms …. A general term for clothing you wear on your legs and waist, such as jeans, pants, etc.

How is it? I think there are already a lot of people who already know this but I explained it again just

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