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Picking out plus-sized T-shirts (What NOT to do)

Were you able to understand what I meant about the laws of combining colors last time? This

time we’re going to delve a little more into the content I was pressing earlier.

Last time was only dealing with plain colors, but of course our wardrobe has a variety of patterns

and designs on them.

So let’s touch on how to handle those things.

For right now we’re going to be talking about T-shirts since they’re fairly easy to handle.

Of course there are many T-shirt designs but generally they can be divided into the following 6 categories of patterns.


・One point

・Frontward facing print



・Patterned cloth

According to the image you’re going for and your body type, which choice is best for you


1. Avoid a shirt that emphasizes the shape of your shape of chest.

And among these designs,

Those would be “Plain color” and “One point shirts.”

These two patterns clearly reveal the shape of your stomach so it’s best to avoid these as best as

you can.

2. Pick a frontward facing print of something large

If you’re asking yourself why, if there’s a tiny image in the middle of a wide foundation or

background, the part of the shirt that’s plain colored accentuates your body type unnecessarily.

What do you think?

A shirt with a small print on the front makes you look heavier.

So try to be cautious of these points when you’re picking out a T-shirt from now on.

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