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How to Wear a Hat (Caps)

So today I want to explain how to put on hats, specifically caps.

First, an example of what NOT to do…

Take a look at this.

The following two points are the reasons as to why this style just doesn t work.

・He’s wearing it too tightly

・The color is just solid and plain

So let’s break down these points one by one.

・He’s wearing it too tightly

When you wear the cap this tightly it makes the shape of your head bulge out,

and overall it gives off the impression of roundness and it makes you look


Additionally, when you wear your cap that low, it hides your eyebrows and your

expression doesn’t come across, and a more stern look becomes emphasized.

Because of that,use hats more as something to “add on top” rather than to “put


For your reference,

The pictures below are points where wearing a hat doesn’t make the shape of

your ahead look round.

Practical examples

No matter how you wear it, it’s best if you don’t push down the brim of the hat.

Also/again, if you’re into hip hop/street fashion, let s be conscious about pushing

the brim of the cap upward.

On the other hand, if you push up the brim of the cap when you’re wearing the

cap backwards, it pinches the head so you’re not limited to what’s written above.

・The hat is plain and solid colored.

Wearing a plain and solid colored hat also emphasizes this element and

appearance of roundness.

If there’s any embroidered design such as a logo, mark, patterns etc, the eyes are

naturally attracted to the designs and decreases that general roundness.

I’ll be very happy if you take this reference to heart.

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