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How to not fail at buying T-shirts (Size guide)

This time, I’m going to explain how to get a knack at buying T shirts on the net.

First, when dressing casually, the standard of size that we’re looking for is the

appearance of size in the image below.

Keep these basic points in mind when buying a shirt:

・Pick a shirt that has the length that falls above the middle of your fly area of

your pants

・When you wear the shirt it doesn’t show the shape of your chest

・When you wear the shirt it doesn’t go too tight or pinch the shoulder area

・When you wear the shirt the shape of your stomach doesn’t stand out.

When looking for this form of Tshirt, we focus on the size.

Each store has a different number product sizes,

Sleeve Length

Shirt Width

Shirt Length


As it’s shown here there are numerous measurements,

but finding out the image of the real thing is a difficult task.

Because of that, first you should get one of the T shirts that you currently own

that best fits your shape and measure the sizes with a tape measurer.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of measuring tape that you use.

Measuring tape are characterized as follows, so please pick the method that is

most easy to use for you.

■Do-it-yourself tape measurers are stiff and unflexible so they’re easy to extend.

プロマート(PROMART) オートロックメジャー 3.5m AUL1935

プロマート(PROMART) オートロックメジャー 3.5m AUL1935

posted with amazlet at 12.07.05


売り上げランキング: 86

PROMART 抗菌メジャー オートストップタイプ KA-15

PROMART 抗菌メジャー オートストップタイプ KA-15

posted with amazlet at 12.07.05


売り上げランキング: 163

Now, have you measured the sizes of your t-shirts?

Compare your shirt to the one in the image above, which section’s sizes are big,

and which ones are small?

Be sure to check the product page keeping the differences in these sizes in mind.

I really hope that you’ll take this advice to heart.

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