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Plus-sized Bottoms (Basics)

So this time I think I’m going to talk more about bottoms.

Within plus-sized fashion there are a lot of bottoms that are a real pain in terms of size, etc.

Plus, a lot of them make you look like an unattractive old man if you wear it wrong.

So I’m going to explain the little details about this further about how you wear bottoms creates a
certain impression.

So first off,

Let’s take a look at the image of the example man who exudes this kind of “creepy old man”

Why does this design have that lame appearance?

There are 5 points that tell us why.

1. The pants rise (part of the pants located above the crotch)

2. The creases and crinkles at the waste

3. The length of the pant legs

4. The crinkles in the hem

5. Color matching

1. The pants rise (part of the pants located above the crotch)

As you can see in the picture, bottoms with a long pants rise emphasizes the length of your torso
and the shortness of your legs. You often see these kinds of bottoms as vintage jeans, worker
pants, or cheap pants that are sold “buy in bulk” stores.

It doesn’t go away if you try and hide it with a jacket,
But if you try to think about the various ways to coordinate it, there’s really no good way to go
about it.
Conversely, if your pants rise is lower (lowrise), it makes you look as if your legs are longer.

2. Crumpling/crinkling at the waist

When you try to put a belt on when wearing pants that are way too big, it’s like an arrow is
pointing to how unnatural it looks on you.

These “one size fits all” pants make you looks like you’re cheaply dressed so let’s avoid that
from now on.

3 The length of the pant leg

Basically, our eyes seem to associate that the length of the bottoms = the length of the legs.

The length of the bottoms in the image above (A length that covers sight of the upper edges of
the low-cut sneakers) emphasizes the utmost shortness of the legs and feet.

Look at the following image as a standard for how it should look: Fold the hem of the pants one
time, or worki

Also, I don’t really recommend that you roll up the the pant legs so much that you make it so
your legs look short.

5. Color matching

Basically if you only wear clothes with kind of a dark, subdued, or drab color scheme, you start
looking like a middle aged man.

Let’s take an example:
Oilish (A darkish blue that looks like a mixture of blue color and oil) colored jeans

So, when you pick out murky or dark colors, try and match them with clearer colors.

When you wear murky colors on the upper half of your body, wear clearly colored bottoms.

When you wear murky colors for bottoms, wear clear colors on the upper half of your

Conversely, if you’re wearing all clear colored clothes then it’s not really a problem if you
combine those together.

Other than that, jeans that have been washed countless times and driven so that the color has
faded and jeans have thinned ALSO give off this middle-aged man’s appearance, so try to avoid
wearing those.

If you wear jeans with more of a faded color, try to wear clothes that have faded more due to
daily wear and tear from your lifestyle.
(e.g.: above the thigh, the hips, pocket line, above the edge, the tip of the hem, etc.)


Incidentally, these manufactured vintage-style faded colored jeans are done by most jean brands.

However, because when you wash jeans already in this condition, the faded colors become even
more faded. So, instead you should take care of the jeans by turning the pants inside out and
washing them using a jean-friendly detergent or a detergent that doesn’t fade colors easily.

I hope you take this advice to heart when you’re picking out bottoms to wear.




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