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Hip Hop/Street fashion for Beginners (Stereotypes, etc.)

Today I want to bring up Hip hop clothing (Type B fashion in Japan), a style that is often
recommended in plus-sized fashion.

In general, hip-hop clothes have this big reputation and stereotype for being sloppy and baggy,
but today’s mainstream hip-hop clothing is not nearly as sloppy as you may think.

But since street/hip-hop styles work so well as a plus-sized fashion option, I’m going to talk
more about the stereotypical hip-hop dressing style.

First I’m going to show you all an example of stereotypical Hip-hop fashion, so please take a

These clothes have this hip-hop feel to them, and there are seven big points that give off this hip-
hop style-esque feel in this picture.

A The Flat Bill of the Baseball Cap

The cap looks almost as if it’s just been “placed”on top, with the bill of the cap unfolded
and flat.

When it comes to the logo there’s no problem with picking which ever one you like, but if you
pick the logo that doesn’t harmonize with the color scheme of the cap, it makes it look like it’s
almost floating and out of place. I’d be aware of that.

Conversely, if you put the cap on your head too tightly, it makes your head look really round.
Not good in Plus-sized fashion.

B The Larger Accessories

Big accessories are a plus in Hip-hop fashion.

Wearing multiple accessories is effective in giving volume and drawing people’s eyes. Even if
you wear a simple T-shirt wearing an accessory in one spot gives an overall harmony to the look.

The actual color of the accessories themselves in the picture are two, silver and gold, but you can
pick any color that you want.

Some tricks for putting on multiple accessories:

When you’re wearing pendants that hang down, pick a pendant top (the ornament part of
the necklace) that doesn’t have the same height.

・How to order accessories piled one on top of another
ーBiggest item
ーSmallest item
ーAll other sizes in between
When you put them in this order, there’s no sense of incongruity.

C Oversized T-shirts

Even though we call them oversized, we’re not looking for something so big that it throws off
the balance of the whole look. In general we’re looking for a size that covers about a half of the

So now about the designs/patterns,

The graphic, pattern, or design on the shirt is so effective at drawing people’s eyes that it goes so
far as to cover the part painted in red, so it’s easy to keep the balance.

It’s not exactly necessary that you cover up all of the parts in red, but you should go so far as to
at least make your chest line as concealed as possible.

D Metallic watches

It’s best if you try and aim for a watch that has the same color as your pendant or necklace(s).
Either that, or you can look for a watch that has a kind of “gorgeous look” (decorated with
various jewels and stones) and that can work too.

Either that, or you can look for a watch that has a kind of “gorgeous look” (decorated with
various jewels and stones) and that can work too.

It doesn’t matter if the kind of watch you have isn’t metallic, but if it’s not, as long as you follow
these two points…

・Tough watches
・Watches not made of leather

then you should be able to coordinate it fine.

F Oversized Jeans

The standard for the diameter of the hem is that it should make it look like it divides the width of
the shoulders into two equal parts.

Tips on how to wear jeans correctly:
When you wear a t-shirt, wear it so the bottom of the shirt doesn’t go down enough to
cover your fly.

Of course this depends on the type of jeans, but when you wear a belt, it can become like this if
the buckle comes up above the crotch.

G Voluminous Sneakers

Try to wear voluminous sneakers such as high-tech shoes or basketball shoes.

Shoes that are in really bad condition or have a dark color scheme by themselves kind of pop out
undesirably so be aware of that.

Also, oversized clothes are often used as the basis of hip-hop fashion, so it tends to match
extremely well with the plus-sized body type.

Again, since plus-sized fashion stores tend to have fabrics with rather safe and ordinary designs
on them, I recommend that the many people who are dissatisfied with those kind of clothes go
and take a look in a select hip-hop style store.

Hip-hop fashion functions as a plus-sized fashion choice, but it also tends to blend into other
fashion categories so it’s generally a very versatile style, I think.

I hope you take this advice to heart.

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