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Wearable Visual Style Clothes for Plus-sized People

So today I’m going to talk more about “visual style fashion” for plus-sized fashion.

Basically, “visual style” clothing doesn’t really suit plus-sized people. The reason for why that is

is because a lot of clothes designed in visual style really looks best on people who have kind of a

crunched up and neutral atmosphere.

But, if I just end it there, there wouldn’t really be any point in explaining.

So instead, I’m going to explain more about visual style clothes that suit the plus sized figure.

This is just one of the stereotypes about visual type fashion, but in general I can’t really

recommend the visual style in terms of plus-sized fashion.

I can give you seven big reasons as to why that is.

A The long, meshed hair

・This hair style has volume, brightness and it has the effect of decreasing the size of your face,

but the sharp contrast of the upper half of the head emphasizes the roundness of the jaw.

・The overall dark coloration combined with the bright color of the hair brings a lot of attention

to your face. It’s not exactly good to bring so much attention to the face with the roundness being

so emphasized.

B  The Cross

Allowing a bit of a margin is good, but basically wearing a small pendant emphasizes the fatness

of the neck.

If you really want to wear something around a neck, the distance between a rosary and your neck

is smaller so it probably won’t emphasize the thickness of the neck as much.

C Separate Shirts with English Text

In the past, because you could get these shirts for cheap at “sell in bulk” stores, a lot of middle

schoolers, high schoolers, and otakus came to wear them, so unfortunately it’s gotten to have that

kind of image associated with them.

Plus, if you look like you’re piling on the decorative items and clothes and such, it gives a kind

of cheap look.

D Studded Belt

There’s no actual problem with the studded belt itself, but the studded belt creates this one-point

fashionable look when you wear a simple outfit. However, when you wear bottoms and shoes

and such with so much decoration, it makes it look over-saturated and gaudy.

E Parachute Pants/Cargo Pants/Punk Pants

There are a lot of decorative styles of pants like these which have the effect of drawing one’s

eyes, but these kind of belts have the effect of emphasizing the shortness of your legs.

F  Voluminous Boots

Having boots with a lot of volume has the effect of creating a sense of balance. However, the

boots themselves, having so much decoration, kind of makes you look gaudy and over-



Overall, having an abundance of decorations and such on your body makes you look cheaper.

Having such a gaudy outfit like that means you can’t distract people’s light of sight, which makes

you look like a big roly-poly lump to the eye.

Having these possible problems in mind, here are some ideas that can improve on how to make

visual-style fashion work with in plus-sized fashion.

I’ll give you six points on how to do that.

A sharp hairstyle moderate length

Based on whether or not you have sharp/spiky hair, you can neutralize the the impression of

having a round body figure.

A simple casual necktie

When you arrange your necktie to come down in the middle, you can distract people’s line of

sight away from any stomach bulge.

Also, because they’re much bigger compared to a necktie, they have the effect of not avoiding

the thickness of your neck.

Simple, white shirts shoulder ornament attached (epaulette)

An epaulette (a shoulder decoration) has the effect of eliminating the roundness of your

shoulders. They’re particularly effective when you’re wearing a white shirt or other parts of the

outfit that stand out (such as the necktie). Depending on whether or not you wear a black

undershirt and how much of the edge comes out of the sleeve, it cant give the impression that

your body is being compressed in those clothes.

(Even more than that, having the undershirt not visible from the collar around the neck and

having it come out around the sleeves is a double whammy. Be really careful to avoid doing


Also, a chest pocket has the effect of hiding the nipples should they visible from the shirt, so

they’re effective in that way too.

D Studded Belt

If you arrange your entire outfit in a simple way like this, then the studded belt has this “one

point” effect that works pretty well. Just remember; picking out accessories that aren’t gaudy and

shiny within your outfit can eliminate any kind of impression of cheapness.

E Half Pants

On top of the feeling of cleanliness and the refreshing appearance that these pants give off, it has

the effect of making your legs and feet look less round.

Also, note that half-pants have the ability to neutralize any kind of roundness or shortness in

your legs.

F - Engineer Boots

Engineer boots work especially well when worn with simple half pants. It’s simple if you’re

trying to draw people’s eyes to your upper half of your body with certain items because they

don’t conflict with many other items/accessories on your body.

Also, it’s best if you avoid letting your socks come out of the shoes so that they’re visible, but if

you wear socks that are the same color as these engineer boots, it doesn’t matter if they peek out

a little bit.


The overall point is to collect simple clothes together so you don’t have any point on your body

that will draw people’s eyes unnecessarily. If you do have that situation, people’s will

subconsciously look toward the studded belt or necktie. In this outfit if you decide to go with

making your black tie, red, etc. instead, that will cause people’s eyesight to be drawn to you


I hope you take this advice to heart.

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