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Sneakers in Plus-sized fashion (Elementary Knowledge)

I’m going to explain sneakers in more simple terms.

First, there are of course various types of sneakers, but I’ll divide them into the big categories

Low-tech Sneakers (Low-cut)

Low-tech Sneakers (High-cut)

High-tech Sneakers (Low-cut)

High-tech Sneakers (High-cut)

So I divided them into four categories, and now I’ll explain what each term means.

Low Tech Sneakers:

A general term for sneakers made mainly out of traditionally used materials such as

canvas , cloth, etc.

High-Tech Sneakers

A general term referring to sneakers that are mainly made out of “high-tech”materials that

have recently been invented or popularized, such as nylon, plastic, rubber, etc.


A term talking about a style of shoe that reveals the ankle to a high degree when worn.

High Cut:

A term that refers to a style of shoe that hides the ankle to a large degree when worn.

Because I’m going to be referring to these terms in further articles, I really hope you will try to

remember them!

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