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Plus-sized Sneakers (Basics)

Today I’m going to talk more about sneakers in plus-sized fashion.

Now, what do you think the first thing that you should pay attention to when you’re picking out

The first point I want you to take note of is,

・ Whether or not the colors will match your outfit

Pay attention to this,
You may think the sneakers by themselves look really cool, but if they really don’t match well
with the clothes you already have, their appeal decreases significantly.

So be sure to first think about and confirm whether or not they’re going to match with your

To learn more about color-matching, refer to the articles I wrote explaining about it here and

So, now that we’ve picked out the colors we want, let’s pick out some sneakers.

But now, we’ve run into another problem. Which is…
”I’ve picked out the colors but how do I know what sneakers match up with my clothes?”

So now let’s think about the standards of the categories of clothes you already have or the
clothing categories that you’re going to wear.

* To learn more about the different fashion categorizations refer to this article

Use these as a reference for how to match your sneakers with your outfits

Visal rocker Fashion/Emo Fashion/Goth Fashion/Onii kei Fashion
・ Leather
・Shoes decorated with studs, stones, etc.
・Sneakers with belts, straps etc. attached
・Monotone colored sneakers

Street Fashion
Because street fashion is so common these days, any type of sneaker will work with it really.
But, it’s probably a good idea to avoid the kind of shoes that are used in $ fashion, like leather
and studded shoes, etc.

Hip-Hop Fashion
・Big/voluminous High-tech Sneakers
・Shoes with well-balanced colors, pastel colors, and
shoes. Don’t pick shoes with subdued or neutral colors.
・Avoid sneakers that lack volume or are very basic.

・Basic and simple sneakers
・Avoid sneakers with too many patterns and designs

・Avoid voluminous and colorful street shoes

Saron Fashion
・Monotone colored shoes
・Avoid excess patterns

From now you probably know the tendencies of sneakers and how they match up with different

Now, for the next point…

“The Sneaker Silhouette”

When you wear shoes and look from the front, whenever the width of the hem is shorter than that
of the sneakers, it totally throws off the balance of how your feet look.

e.g. :

So, when you compare A and B
You noticed that the foot looks so small that it almost looks unstable, right? So try and aim for a
sneaker that has a bigger width.
(※I drew a short picture so that you could easily perceive the length of the pant with the width of
the sneaker. In reality when you wear jeans, try not to expose your ankles like this.)

If you have these ideas in mind when you pick out your sneakers, you’ll have more balance and
have better sneakers to choose from to match your look.

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