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How to Match up Colors (Basics 2)

So let’s keep learning more about what we talked about last time about combining colors together in an outfit.
Last time we divided the composition of clothing on the body into three parts:

Top half

Bottom half


But now let’s go into a little more detail about it.

No matter what kind of fashion you wear, clothing is generally composed of eight different types of clothes.
(There are also winter clothes and socks, but we’ll leave it out for this time)




Of course, these arrangements vary depending on the fashion style. However, regardless of what style you’re wearing, there’s something I want to touch on.

And that is,

Matching the colors so that they are the same in the sections of the outfit that are larger, such as A, B, and E,

For right now,
Let’s take a part of section A and add one more spot where the color is the same.

How does it look? It makes it a little more harmonized, doesn’t it?

But even still, it has a sense of disorder to the look. So, let’s decrease the number of colors in the outfit.

How does it look? It looks even more harmonized than the previous look, doesn’t it?

So, like shown here, if you have about 3-4 colors at most to your outfit, it’s easy to coordinate and make them work.

But you might be asking, “what about clothes with patterns on them, are those not allowed?”

In that case,

Think about which one of the colors is most dominant in the pattern on the piece of clothing. Or, you could try and think of the piece of clothing with the pattern removed from it and work with the color you see there as a standard.

So, let’s think about a few variations with this method in mind.

What do you think?

So, now you might ask: Now, what about if you have a color scheme with two colors? Is that bad?

This really isn’t that much of a problem. A tip for this case is,

Try to wear darker colors, and then to create some contrast add some bits of brighter color in as well. This makes it look more harmonized overall.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention. It’s okay if you don’t wear exactly the same colors with the larger pieces of clothing. If the colors are somewhat similar then that’s fine.

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