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Hairstyles and Plus-sized fashion (Color)

I think that in lieu of this talk of hairstyles, I’m going to talk about hair color today.

I think there’s definitely a lot of people that believe that “Japanese people must have black hair!”
but, why is it that so many people choose to dye their hair brown?
That’s because the color of hair changes the effect it has.

Take this image as an example. Out of these images, which one of these hairstyles look like it’s
the most bundled up?

It’s not the brightest hair color, is it?
With this image you understand that the colors are set by how bright they are and see in what
way they’re arranged.

For example

If you part the black hairstyle a bit it looks nothing more than like a black clump, but according
to if you brighten up the color of the hair you can come to understand the hairstyles even if you
separate them.
This is one of the ways that having brown hair is helpful.

So, when the hair color is bright, it has a few advantages.
・Your hair appears smoother and softer
・Your hair looks as if it has more volume
・Your hair looks more expanded

So, a word about brown hair,

There are a few variations, but even though there are those with dark brown hair who have never
bleached or colored it before, it doesn’t mean that their threshold has gone down.

If you use light colored dyes, make sure it doesn’t turn puddingish.

Puddingish means that the difference between bleached hair color and the newly created color
comes out in two colors like pudding.

When you leave your hair like this it makes you look really poor and unrefined, so be aware of

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