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Hairstyles (What NOT to Do)

Today we’re going to talk more about hairstyles, specifically, examples of what you shouldn’t

Visual Hairstyle

This hairstyle emphasizes the roundness of a plus-sized person’s figure, and also creates a feeling
due to the mismatch between the roundness of the body figure and the appearance of the

The Short Bob

This hairstyle emphasizes how round your head is and also emphasizes the roundness of your
overall body. Also, there’s a pretty big gap this more “slender” hairstyle and the plus-sized
characteristics, so it also gives off this mis-matched appearance.

The Sushi Chef

Because this has been the hairstyle of choice for the stereotypical otaku, it’s began to take on this
otaku-ish image. So as a result, because of this otaku stereotype attached to it, its image of
freshness has definitely decreased.

Back-cropped to the center

This style also has become somewhat of an otaku stereotype. Back in the day there may have
been a lot of barbershops who did it this way, though.

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