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Plus-sized Fashion: Hairstyles (Basics)

So right now I’m going to talk about the thing in fashion that you notice the first time you see

anyone – their hair style.

Currently there’s no shortage of plus-sized people who pick these following two hairstyles.

Short Style,The Short Soft Mohican

I can give you three special characteristics of this hairstyle


・Cool and refreshing

・Doable even if you don’t have much hair

But, on the other hand, it has a few weak points:

・ The eyes are attracted to the bulginess of the face

・ It emphasizes the roundness of the your facial outline

So today I’m going to introduce you to a few different hairstyles.

So for starters, the basic think that I want you to remember about hairstyles geared for plus-sized

people is this: Try to avoid creating a roundish silhouette of your face.

For example,

When you compare these two hair styles, which one do you think looks rounder?

Naturally, the non-spiky one.

If you’ve got a sense you’ve probably already noticed this but, hairstyles are also influenced by this visual effect.

If the hair has a round outline then it will go so far as to make the rest of your body look


Conversely, if you apply this outline theory to practice, you can work to reduce creating a larger

outline of your body.


Like these hairstyles,

When you bundle up your hair, it creates a kind of thorniness. So depending on if you

bundle your hair or not, you can weaken your outline of your head and water down the

overall impression of roundness.

The advantage of this spiky hairstyle is that it can be used in a lot of situations and also that you

don’t have to compromise your looks if you have it.

Some other examples of good hairstyles include:

■Loose and casual wavy-style

■Loosened up sharp style – so it blurs the outline of your head

Etc. etc.

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