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Shirts that go well on plus sized people (Aloha Shirts)

Aloha shirts (Hawaiian style shirts) are often brought up as one of the shirts look best on plus-
sized people, but it hasn’t really been explained as to why that is.

So this time I’m going to talk more about those Aloha shirts.

So for starters,
Here are four reasons why aloha shirts are recommended for plus sized people.

1 It’s loose and drafty

Aloha shirts were first born in the countries towards the south, so it’s convenient for when you’re
feeling the heat.

2 The patterns cause your body shape to not stand out

Because there are many patterns such as floral, Japanese, and tropical patterns and images etc. on
Aloha shirts that diffuse the eyes, aloha shirts have the characteristic of making the plus sized
body shape less noticeable.

For example:

If you compare these two images, do you notice how the body shape of the guy with patterns on
his shirt becomes much less distinct?

In that respect, Aloha shirts excel over regular shirts.
The effect of the color of the fabric and the patterns is so big that it creates this effect of
concealing the body shape.

If you compare the images you can perceive the difference somehow, can’t you?

3 Aloha shirts are foreign made, so larger sizes are available
in abundance.

In this day in age, there are a lot of sizes that match typical Japanese body types,
But since Aloha shirts were originally first made in Hawaii they’re made for body types bigger
than those of most Japanese people. They’re really convenient for that reason.

4 You can get them cheap at secondhand clothing stores

Basically, there are a lot of foreign imported goods at secondhand clothing stores.
Aloha shirts are often among them, with an abundance of different styles available for a cheap
Also, fundamentally there are many large goods available because they come from overseas.


Next, about how to wear Aloha shirts…

Aloha shirts are basically an item often used in American casual type fashion.

To coordinate well,

■Aloha Shirt


■Aloha Shirt



■Aloha Shirt
■Half pants

Just a few general ideas.

When you combine half pants and sandals it makes you look like you’re wearing clothes on
vacation at a resort.
Because of that, when you combine things like half pants together, it’s safest to avoid the
Wearing clothes with patterns with more than three colors
Wearing so many patterns of flowers and trees that it covers up any openings of a plain
background color.

When you wear shirts, please try to aim to find a length that covers up a fair amount of your belt.
But, a length that goes as far as to cover your groin is probably too long so be sure to be aware of that.

Another thing is,
Recently there are Aloha shirts with patterns like skeletons, existing characters, and other such
patterns outside of the typical tropical patterns.

You can use these new types of Aloha shirts outside of this system of American casual fashion.
As a reference,
You can also use aloha shirts with skeletons, punk taste, etc. with punk fashion.

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