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Flattering plus sized shirts (Bowling shirts)

There are so many different shirts that look good on plus sized people, but today I think I want to
bring up “Bowling Shirts.”

As you can tell from the name, you of course wear bowling shirts when you go bowling.

Fashion styles where bowling shirts work well:

American Casual

Etc., etc.

And here are three of the benefits of bowling shirts:

・They’re loose and breezy
・They have a classic retro design
・There are many available in places like secondhand clothing stores and large sized shirts are abundant.

Also, because they go so well with jeans, you can combine the two easily.

Some examples of how to coordinate them,

【American Casual style】

■Bowling shirt
■Blue jeans
■Low tech sneakers

■Bowling shirt
■Blue jeans
■Bowling shoes (Leather)


■Bowling shirt
■Black jeans
■Doc Martens

■Bowling shirts
■Black jeans
■Rubber sole shoes

Etc. etc.

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