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How to De-Geek / De-Otaku Your Wardrobe(Stereotypes #2)

Continuing off of the points I made in my previous post, I’m think I’m going to talk more about
“Post Otaku Fashion” today.

So today I’m going to explain in depth more about otaku fashion. There are four main points
within this outfit that give off an otaku-ish image. I’m going to explain points A-F in more detail.

A Long T-shirt

These long t-shirts make the torso look longer, and these shirts are in abundance in “sell in bulk”
stores so they have that kind of cheap image associated to them.

B Long shirts

For the same reasons as in A.

C Bottoms that give you an hourglass shape

This kind of shape comes off of your body when you wear pants that have been washed too
many times and worn down, as well as thinner pants. This kind of shape puts emphasis on how
short your legs are.

D - Hiking Boots

There are a lot of people who get these items for cheap at buy-in-bulk stores and use them
moderately for rustic purposes. However, getting these items to match any kind of clothes
outside of outdoorsy wear is really difficult. It doesn’t work for any kind of non-outdoor jeans,

Now, I put some images up to show how we can improve on these points.

Here are some points to correct these flaws.

A  Improve the look by picking out a belt that helps hide the length of your shirt

B  Improve on the length on the shirt by buying a shirt that’s a little longer.

C  Improve on the hourglass shape of the pants by buying pants with good materials

D  Don’t wear hiking boots and improve by instead wearing low-tech sneakers

How does it look? How much does it look like the Otaku-ishness has been watered down?
This is because darker colors have been put together in the looks.

But you should take a look at my previous articles “>“Tips on how to match colors (Basics 1)”and
“>“Tips on how to match colors (Basics 2)”and make adjustments based on those rules.

How does it look? A tip on color choice: use bright colors at the same time that you try use dark

I hope you take this advice to heart.

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