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How to De-Geek / De-Otaku Your Wardrobe (Stereotypes)

So today I think I’m going to bring up some points about how to de-otaku your wardrobe and

fashion choices.

I think you’ve seen a lot of these stereotypes in how otakus dress once before.

Now, why are these outfits considered to be “otaku fashion?” I’ll explain every point one by one.

First, I’ll explain in 7 pointshow these outfits give off this otaku image.

Now, let’s look at these points A-G one by one.

A T-Shirt within the Shirt

When you wear a shirt inside of a shirt that you can button up, it makes you look like an grandpa.

B Long short-sleeves

When you wear long sleeves it makes it so your arms look shorter. These kind of sleeves are also

one of the causes of the “grandpa look”.

C - Pants pulled up too high

It might be thought of as making the legs look longer, but it also it makes the length of upper half

of your body look unnatural and it creates a sense of incongruity.

D - Waist squeezed too tight

# When you try too hard to tighten your waist up it can create a huge wrinkle. When you wear

something too large and try too hard to tighten it up then it makes your body give off this image

of poverty almost.

E 絞りすぎの上に上げすぎたボトムスの為に股間に皺が溜まっている



F Bottoms that give you an shape

When you wear jeans that have been washed for any number of years and have been worned

down, or thinner jeans, it can give you an hourglass shape. When you have this shape it

emphasizes how short your legs are.

G Dark High-tech sneakers

These dark colored shoes make you look like an grandpa almost. When the thickness of the

sneakers pushes out the diameter of the bottoms you’re wearing, it causes your legs to look


Now, let’s take note about the above points and let’s change up the outfit.

A Whenever you wear a t-shirt underneath a button up, open up the buttons.

B Fold up the sleeves and your arms will come out.

C Expose the hem of your shirt and undershirt from the bottoms.

D Close up your pants to the waist to the degree that they don’t fall from the lower back.

E Wear bottoms with a size large enough so you don’t have to squeeze into it.

F Pick out thick or tough material pants that don’t give off an hourglass shape.

G Ditch the high-tech sneaker and pick out a shoe without too much thickness instead.

So, what do you think?

I honestly think that the original otaku-esque image has been largely reduced.

So, like in this outfit, if you observe these 7 points, I think you can prevent yourself from looking

otaku all together.

I really hope you use this guide when you coordinate clothes from now on!

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