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Plus-sized fashion: Bracelets (Beaded)

So today, among all the bracelets that are out there we’re going to talk about beaded bracelets.

Beaded Bracelets

As you can tell from the name, the beaded type of bracelets belong to this category. One of it’s

big characteristics that it doesn’t matter the age but it’s often matched up with American casual

fashion by a lot of people.

Because black and green colored beads have this kind of religious color to them, I think it’s best

to pick beads that are brighter colors, or have multiple colors on them.

Also, because bracelets with sanskrit engravings etc. on them are not easy to harmonize with

western style clothes, it’s safer to mix these kinds of bracelets with Japanese style clothing.

So I’m going to divide up which beads easily match up with which styles in kind of a general


■Solid colores      ……American casual, ethnic clothes, Japanese clothes, Japanese patterns

■Multi-colored (all the same material)    ……American casual, ethnic

■Multi-colored (Metallic)             ……American casual, rocker style, salon style

■Skeleton colored (Transparent color)    …… Street fashion, ethnic

If you want to know about different fashion styles and categories, please take a look at my article


*These are just a standard for how certain styles match so it doesn’t mean that all bracelets

necessarily determined by these rules.

I really hope you take this advice to heart.

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