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Plus-sized Fashion: Bracelets (Ethnic/cultural bracelets)

So today we’re going to continue talking about bracelets, and I’m going to be explaining more
about Ethnic bracelets.

Ethnic Bracelets

Bracelets that fall under this category include,

・Bracelets laced up with raw silk
・Bracelets with non transparent natural stones
・Bracelets made of sea shells
・Indian jewelry
etc. etc.

Because any material that is used that is fabric made will easily be stained by sweat etc, if it’s
possible to wash the material try to wash it regularly before it turns darkish.

Also, these bracelets are originally intended to be mixed with a several ethnic/foreign

Thin accessory
Thick accessory
Thin accessory
Even if you match the accessories up in this kind of order it still easily creates a harmonious

If you’re going to be wearing fashions or clothings that have a foreign or ethnic taste them, I
think it’s a good idea to utilize your accessories in this way.

So I divided up the various ethnic bracelets and I divided them on how well they work with
different styles.

■Ethnic pattern bracelets …. Ethnic

■Plain (hemp) … Ethnic, American

■Ethnic beaded bracelets … Ethnic

■Japanese patterns … American

■Natural stones/seashell bracelets … Ethnic,american casual

■Indian jewelry bracelets – Ethnic,American casual


Please take a look at my article that I wrote about different fashion styles here.

*These are just a standard for how certain styles match so it doesn’t mean that all bracelets
necessarily determined by these rules.

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