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Plus sized fashion: Bracelets (Leather bracelets)

So today I think I’m going to talk more about leather bracelets.

Leather Bracelets

So laced up leather bracelets, belt leather, leather string bracelets, etc. are put into this category
when I say “leather bracelets.”

When compared to metallic bracelets, leather bracelets tend to deteriorate quicker, however
regardless of the type of leather bracelet it’s very easy to match with a casual outfit.

Even though it doesn’t dig into your skin when you wear thin strip leather bracelets, it can
emphasize the thickness of your arm. So, if you wear leather strap bracelets, try to wear
multiple accessories with it so the width of the bundle accessories appears wider.

So for plus-sized people, who are prone to sweating easily, it’s easy to collect germs because
leathers tend to collect moisture easily. As such, it’s probably best to wear them on dry sun

Like I said, there are quite a few different types of leather bracelets, and I arranged them based
on how well they look with certain styles.

■Casual (Undecorated)……Casal, rocker, salon style

■Braided …. Casual, American Casual

■Stringed … Casual,American Casual

■Animal pattern …. Rocker, onii-kei style, visual style, punk

■Wide bracelet (beltattached) …. Rocker, onii-kei style, visual style, punk

Wide bracelet (Undecorated) … Rock, punk, casual, rock, salon style

Wide bracelet (Decorated) ….. Rock, onii-kei style, visual style, punk, American casual

■Metallic ornaments attached…. Rocker, onii-kei style, visual style, punk


Please take a look at my article that I wrote about different fashion styles here.

*These are just a standard for how certain styles match so it doesn’t mean that all bracelets
necessarily determined by these rules.

I hope you take this advice to heart.

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