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Plus sized fashion: Accessories (Bracelets)

Bracelets are one of those items that are kind of difficult for plus-sized people.
But, there’s one point I really want you to be careful about, and that is:

To not pick a size that just barely fits.


This is because, the plus-sized person’s body tends to change shape a lot as the time and seasons
pass by. This is fine for people who are rather small. But, for those who are bigger in size and if
your body fluctuates in size, your bracelet is going to directly feel the influence of that.

So when you wear a bracelet,

Try to not wear any kind of bracelet that is so small that it kind of digs into the skin of your arm.
Even bracelets that are slightly slack on your arm can get uncomfortable pretty easily, so pick a
bracelet that gives you a lot of breathing room.

As a rule of thumb, you want an opening that you can put
both of your middle fingers and pointer fingers inside.

Again, when you buy bracelets from mail order, try to it based on what I said above about how
long it is around your wrist area.

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