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Plus-sized Fashion: Accessories (Eyeglasses)

So today I want to touch on plus-sized fashion accessories, specifically eyeglasses. To put it briefly, there are quite a variety of types.
You can divide them into about 11 big categories, and I’m going to be talking more about how to use each one individually.


As the title suggests, these are glass frames with a four-sided shape. If they’re put on a rounder face, they have the effect of making the face look tightened and making it look more squarish


These are glasses with an oval/squarish shape to them.
Oval glasses with a rounder shape can make you look kind of slow or dumb. However, if you wear squarish looking glasses you don’t need to worry so much about appearing this way. For those who have kind of a look that’s too sharp or harsh, these glasses can more or less relax that impression I think.


These are glasses that are shaped like pears.
A long time ago, these glasses were used by a lot of Japanese salarymen so they have a “nostalgia for the good old days” kind of feel to them, but nowadays they’re drawing attention as an accessory for the fashionably gifted.
The only thing is that because these kinds of glasses have a sort of circular shape to them, it’s safer to avoid in terms of plus-sized fashion due their roundness.


These are glasses shaped like teardrops, obviously.
These are one of the frames that are often used in sunglasses. Basically, because these glasses are usually really big so they work well with the plus-sized body shape. However, try to be careful if the size of your eyes is smaller because the big frames can make your eyes stand out too much.


These glasses are shaped slightly like ovals. Because these glasses come close to a roundish shape I don’t really recommend them in terms of plus-sized fashion.
However, those with kind of a sullen expression and somewhat droopy eyes, these kinds of glasses have the effect of relaxing that kind of impression.


These glasses are shaped like butterfly or insect wings. These kinds of glasses have the same effect as the fox glasses – they relax the impression of having droopy eyes or face set.


Full rim, with rim meaning glasses frames, refers to glasses in which the frames completely surround the glass lenses. There are a lot of these in circulation and there’s a lot of chances that you’ll see people wear these.
But, the thinness of these frames in terms of plus-sized fashion tends to make the thickness of your face become more emphasized, so I can’t really recommend them.
Also, these kind of glasses kind of give off an intellectual and nervous impression.


These are glasses are ones with no rim on the bottom.
If the frames on the glasses are thin then they aren’t too different looking than full rim glasses, but if you have a sort of plain or quiet look to your eyes these glasses can have the effect of more or less making your eyes appear bigger.
(*If the glasses are viewed to the front and pushed close to the surface of the eyes)


These are the kinds of glasses where there is no rim on the top. These glasses will likely be good for people who have rich or big eyes and they appear overdramatic or gaudy when they attempt to wear other glasses.
For those who have well developed eyebrows or have larger eyebrows, these glasses harmonize easier compared to other kinds of glasses.
On the other hands, for those with thinner eyebrows, people’s eyesight will likely be brought toward your eyebrows so it might be best to avoid wearing them.




This type of glasses have no frames on them. They directly show the outline of the face.
However, on the other hand, these glasses are closest thing to not wearing glasses at all. These glasses are likely best if you don’t want to wear glasses but you don’t want to have any trouble with your eyesight either.

Also, these glasses are the most suitable for people who think their eyes and nose look way too gaudy with other kinds of glasses.


These are circularly shaped glasses. Even though they have a round shape they don’t really stand out, outline-wise. When you compare the true circular glasses to the oval glasses, the circular glasses don’t assert or insist any kind of bigness in your shape.
In terms of plus sized fashion, they match up with the plus-sized character well, and it gives you a kind impression when you wear them.

No matter what kind of glasses that you choose, if you pick out glasses that look so small that they’re almost devoured by your face, it makes it look tight and emphasizes the largeness of your face.
In terms of size, it’s best to pick out bigger glasses with frames large enough so they reach near the end of the outline of your face.

Also, about the materials, thicker frames tend to soften up the size of your face and decrease any kind of large impression. When you compare celluloid glasses and metal frame glasses, black frames have the effect of making your face look more compressed and firm.

How does it look?
I hope you take this advice to heart.

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