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Let’s Learn About Colors and their Effects

I think a lot of people don’t really know where they should start when they want to be stylish. So, with that, the first thing I want you to be most aware of is…


Naturally, size is important but, the information that the eye first catches onto and digests is color.  The impression someone gives off largely differs based on what color they’re wearing.

So for example, look at the following image.

A Group

B Group

So I’ve prepared a number of T-shirts here. What do you think?

So when you compared A group to B group, which one of them doesn’t look as enlarged? Is it hard to tell?

Well then, how about this and this?

The black t-shirt looks more compact and slim, doesn’t it?

This is the effect of color. Don’t you think that color has quite the impact? If you learn to keep this color law in mind in plus-sized fashion, it’ll be really useful for you later.

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