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Plus-sized fashion: Accessories (Necklaces/Pendants)

Necklaces and pendants are one of those items that are difficult to wear for people who have a

thicker neck area. So, what should we do about them?

That would be, to pick the biggest one possible.

When a plus-sized person tries to wear a straight size necklace it makes it look really tight

around the neck. Wearing a necklace that doesn’t compliment your body size it really doesn’t

give off a a good impression.

So, avoid picking necklaces with a small chain, small parts, or small cords, and instead use

the biggest possible necklaces you can.

For people who wear rapper-fashion types of clothes, these necklaces have the effect of relaxing

the tightness. If you try to imagine it, you can probably see how the large size of the accessories

gives this effect of relaxing any tightness.

Outside of wearing it in rapper style/fashion

In order of importance:

Chain/Cord length > Size of the pendant top/size of the rings in the chain > Color, materials

Necklaces that are easy to wear even for people with thicker necks:

・Hip-hop fashion accessories

・Rosary Necklaces

・African Accessories (Those that don’t use precious metals)

Etc. etc.

Again, when you buy bracelets from mail order, try to it based on what I said above about how

long it is around your wrist area. Pick one out that gives you some breathing room.

* Pendant … Necklace with a pendant top hanging down at the tip/point of the chain.

* Pendant Top…. The decoration part of the pendant that hangs down from the chain.

* Necklace – The decoration is the necklace itself (Has no pendant top)

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